Vinyl Lettering

letteringVinyl cut lettering is the one of the first and old stand-by’s of the modern signage movement—and it shows no decline in popularity to this day.

There are countless applications for these letters and logos which come pre-masked with transfer tape, allowing you or us to install such lettering. The vinyl comes in premium 2mil or regular 3mil. Most applications are served well by 3mm. This letter may be applied to many surfaces including coroplast, vehicles, painted walls, metal, glass and more

When applying yourself, you will want to draw level lines and either free-hand apply the sticky back to the surface or first affix it with masking tape (wax backing remaining on), allowing you to ensure it is level, then peel back one half to the hinge, cut away the wax backing and press it down and out firmly with a hard edge like a credit card.

Then pull back the other half, remove the hinge tape, remove the remaining wax backing and smooth out from center to the end with the same hard edge. Then you must pull the transfer tape off slowly, at a low angle, leaving the lettering on your surface. These letters come in all variety of colors, including metallic and even reflective. We also offer gradient versions of these letters, printed on our high-end Mutoh and plot-cut out.

Lettering may be used for door signage, window signage, vehicle signage—for lettering your baby’s bedroom wall with inspirational quotes and more.

Please contact us today to discuss how lettering may be what you need.

We’re here to help.

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