Vinyl Cut Lettering

14359469_1163683817030589_8772637510019842048_nVinyl Cut Logos & Lettering are available either installed or provided to you with transfer tape so that you may affix it to your desired surface yourself.  Vinyl Cut Lettering may be applied to glass, metal, drywall, and even some woods if it is a smooth surface.  Vinyl comes in 2mil and 3mil.  2mil is more flexible for some compound curve applications.  Logos must be in vector format for cutting.  Some flat files like .jpegs can be Auto-Traced by our software to a degree of accuracy that is often suitable for certain applications, so let us know if you need to find out and we will run it through our programs.  Otherwise, if you have a designer on staff, simply ask them to convert all fonts and logos to curves or vectors / outlines before sending to us.  Most file extensions are acceptable, the most common being .eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf etc.

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Vinyl Cut Lettering

Vinyl Cut Lettering may be cut in any color you wish or also as digital print.  With digital vinyl cut lettering you may have gradients and full color logos printed and cut to your company’s specifications.  This makes for an impressive effect.  Vinyl Cut Lettering is easy to apply yourself with some care and careful measuring.  We provide you with a tutorial video here.

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