Quick Sign Tips

Quick Sign TipsReviewing a few Quick Sign Tips is a good way to cover the bases and make sure you are aptly prepared for your new sign venture.  Below you will find a visibility chart and we will be adding new tips soon.





When deciding on any sign there are some specific considerations you should keep in mind.

Who,What Where When and Why“is a good way to think of your sign project whether it is one or hundred signs.

When to do this.

If your sign is new you may need a sign permit which can take several weeks for approval from city hall.

So start as soon as you can.

Who and Why :

If you are a business then your sign is for you to advertise to your customer.

From your business standpoint the sign is an investment to increase your business and you should expect a return on investment. This will dictate a budget, and size to some extent.

From your customer’s stand point your sign has a few functions. It is an advertisement (to show location and inform the public what you do) and a way-finder for your location .This will dictate graphics and size to some extent

What type of sign do you need

Finding the right balance between budget and size is generally easiest by asking for a quote based on some existing criteria that may be a control factor. For instance a business sign size may be limited by the sign by-law , by the sign frame, or by the landlord or building size. So the size limitations should be check and measured first. If you have no size limitation then your budget or viewing distance will typically be the limit.

Hint: Don’t guess at sizes because you will probably be wrong. Measure the height and length. If there is a frame measure the inside and outside dimension. If you have to guess, you can usually measure something that the sign is attached to like bricks, or posts and post separations. etc. to determine the size of signs that are high up or inaccessible.  You can also have our installer measure the sign for you (for a fee).

Know your budget. There are many ways to do a sign and it gives you quite a range of choices , some of which you may not be aware of that may allow you to get the size in your budget. If you are on a budget are you able to install it your self, have you graphic files on hand etc.

What kind of sign and Where will it be

Get a quick quote. This will quickly determine , size, materials and price range. Then you can start the actual purchase process.

What will I need to get a quote.

Size of sign or wall it is going on. H and Width, Inside and out

Distance from road or person viewing sign. Pace it off is good enough. Each large step  is about 2-3 ft

Type of sign : is it back lit, or non lit . Photos help

Single or double sided . Is one sign with two sides or two signs back to back on posts. Photo helps

Do you have existing artwork ready to print or some type of file you can attach. Print ready art can save money, but layouts aren’t that expensive.

A digital photo of the location is helpful.

This information will help get an accurate quote in short order.

When (again)

If this information is too involved you can guess, and we’ll give you an estimate and suggestions based on your guess.

It’s important to get the process moving.

Opening your business without a sign is like showing up to work without clothes, you’ll lack credibility 🙂






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Letter Visibility Chart

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