Adrian Torrington, Design & Print

designerAdrian has worked in the sign industry all of his life–and he is your resident specialist in design creatives & print production.

Contact him especially for questions about your graphic files and pricing options.  He is available 24/7 via e-mail for Quick Quotes.

We’re here to help.

Bob Torrington, President

Meet Bob The PresidentHaving started in the sign business over 38 years ago, while routing wood signs in Grand Bend, Bob’s original company Torrington Wood Signs Inc. eventually spawned Quick Signs–and now also

Bob has been through dozens of industry evolutions–and through it all retained a pride in his work.  He is your man if you have a variety of complex signage needs that require particular attention to installation dynamics and / or smart problem solving.

Decal Demo – Wet Apply Method

Wet apply your decal with a little soapy water and a soft straight edge.

Place print face down on wet surface, peel wax backing, spray, flip and gently flatten.

Globe & Mail Video Profile

In 2013, The Globe & Mail traveled to London to interview us.

They profiled a family run business transitioning into the digital age.

Golf Tournament Signs

Coro w/ H-wireWe make coroplast with H-wire golf tournament signs regularly with a very quick turnaround.

Some standard sizes are 18×24 and 12×18 but we can make any size to fit your needs and desires.

Simply send us the info, logos, sizing and whether 1 or 2 sided and we will send you quotes and a proof.

Proofs are unlimited and we can meet any deadline you require.  These are often last minute events.

Teardrop Flags

In many sizes and shapes, outdoor flags are a fantastic way of drumming up attention along your front property line.  Some areas may require permits from the City.  Some businesses get licensed to put up many.  We can quote you on several or just one including layout or with your own files.  Many types of base assemblies are available.  This standard tear drop flag depicted is most popular.  Catch the wind and sail to profits today.  Flags are famous.

Tent With Emblems

Tent with option for walls, great for outdoor branding

9.5 foot x 9.5 foot exhibition tent with your company logo emblazoned on all 4 sides.

Comes with 4 weights and option for printed backwall and side walls.

Mount bar fixes to tent poles with half wall brackets.

Fabric slips onto mount bar via stitched pocket.

Secure fabric to pole centre by hook and loop.

Contact us today to move your brand outdoors.


sintraThis material is strong for outdoor use, yet it is lightweight for convenience.

It is rigid and resistant to inclement weather as well as UV rays.

This is a premium Sinalite product we drop ship to your door.

For the ease of outdoor signage without the cost of sophistication, try Sintra.

E-mail us at your earliest opportunity to begin a dialogue regarding this product.

Large Format Posters

large_posterThis premium oversized poster print at 60 by 90 is handled by our remote site sister printer trade dealer Sinalite.

Simply send us your files and we will format them properly for uploading and drop shipping directly to your address.

The splash of such a large format poster is exactly fitted for those with massive wall space or window real estate.

E-mail to ask about all our poster size options and whether or not you wish to print with us.

Put your latest ad adventure onto the big screen with a huge movie poster themed splash event that inspires.

Get it right the first time without breaking your budget since paper is cheaper than proper substrate mounts.


Magnets Made for You

magnet_bMagnets are the route to take when you want to go incognito on the weekend–or perhaps when you have multiple businesses and you want to change up your vehicle’s look for each job you go on or tour about you make.

Create your magnets of many different sizes.

Any size under two feet in one direction and unlimited length is possible at custom pricing.

Keep in mind as with all of our product, the more print ready your files are–the more economical becomes the printed product.

We also make vinyl cut magnets which have their suited duties particularly in durability and or the aesthetic and feel of it.

The truth is digital prints last just as long if you opt for UV lamination.

Rounded corners where available are good for peel prevention.

Removal for highway driving is advised.

We also provide high run fridge magnets and much more in the magnet department.

E-mail us today to talk about what kind of magnets you want and how much it would be:


Full Color Envelopes – Snail Mail 2.0

envelopWhat a way to get your story straight to the reader with full color envelopes.

This revolutionizes paper trail industries by giving you quicker eye candy.

Not any longer will the blank white envelopes slip through customer care.

Now you will grab their attention and hold it for your pitch to have a chance.

Consult us today by emailing for more info on this product.

Numbered Tickets are a Snap!

numbered-ticketsHave an event you are trying to sell Numbered Tickets for entry?

Perhaps you are hosting a dance or concert or some other event.

Numbered Tickets can be printed up for you with ease and fun!

We can ship these tickets to you directly without additional charge.

All we want is to see your Numbered Tickets printed effortlessly.

We are ready to receive your e-mail regarding getting these now.

New Value Postcards Available

valuepostcardTry out our new value postcards for a special promotional tool to help you thrive.

When it comes to postcards little else is of greater importance to door to door promotion.

You can be creative and come up with so many unique approaches to making waves.

Start with something simple and straightforward then work your way up from there.

These value postcards in particular are of the best economic value for your buck.

Get going on your postcard media blitz right now by contacting us to go go go!

Pocket Folders at

pocketfolder_bPocket Folders are great for presenting your business cards and portfolio in one impressive package.

Let us design something very special for your branding needs in the Pocket Folder department.

If you stand up the Folder on end for tradeshows as a table top display it will appear inviting.

Information packages and product price lists are popular uses for these Folders in industry.

Anytime we are brought pocket folders in our own shop we always put it on the reference shelf.

Imagine that any business you deliver your Pocket Folder to will likely keep you on file for future.

E-mail services are open at all hours so contact us today to begin the conversation on Pocket Folders.

Get Your Greeting Cards

greetingcards_bGreeting cards can lend a custom creative touch to your seasons pleasantries.

Try printing some personalized cards this year with us and you will love it!

Enjoy our diverse printing services for all kinds of innovative approaches.

We cannot wait to get you started on surprising recipients with such fun print jobs!

Two sided folded full color with design and layout options give you it your way …

These cards are available in myriad sizes.  Contact us now

Flyer Printing

We offer flyer printing services.

Many sizes are available.

Flyers are superb medium for communicating special sales and deals to your customers.  Consider monthly notices of your current price points in order to keep people up to date on how they may benefit from staying loyal to your company.

Print Calendars

calendar100_bMake your own calendars with

All you need is an idea for the cover and month photos.

The calendar is 28 pages long.

Contact us for more info on printing your own custom calendars.

Calendars are fantastic way of promoting your business everyday.

Give them out to customers or family for a unique holiday gift.

E-mail us at for more info …


Posters are available in all sizes up to forty seven inches in one direction and any length.

High run of units under thirty six inches require two weeks lead time.

poster_bTwo sided is available up to three feet.

As usual here at purchasing this product bundled with any other products automatically brings the price down.

Reach out to us today to discuss your needs for promotional poster printing or fine art print products.

Paper poster prints are excellent for temporary advertising campaigns and low cost alternatives to fine art giclee on canvas.

Tent Cards

Tent Cards are available in a few different sizes and formats.

We make them out of coroplast when over five inches tall.

They usually come with double-sided tape for securing the base after unfolded or for lesser price no base just the two sides.

tentcards_bThe small size versions under five inches are made of card stock and require two week lead time.

These cards are a great way for applying temporary advertising tactics to your meeting or seminar.

Make the cards snazzy enough for people to want to take them home and you suddenly have oversized traveling business cards.

For smaller quantity units in other words one or two tent cards at a foot or more high made out of coroplast these units can be constructed with velcro for repeated use.

These are a great way to spruce up your tradeshow table and give it more eye candy.

Tent signs are the nice intermediary between full pop-up stands other table top stands and lesser brochures and pamphlets that lie flat upon the table top.

Contact us today to get started on laying out your new tent or table top sign.

Business Cards

businesscard_bWe offer some of the best pricing on business cards in the city, especially if you already have some file designs and purchase them with other signage or print product orders.

Two sided, matte or gloss, uv lam, full color–the works are available, serving you up your cards just the way you like them hot off the press.

You can pick up at our shop or have us drop ship the box to your address either way for the same price.

If beyond even design files, you already have actual print ready files for cards plus you are interested in other signs or print products, then you can get your cards with us for next to nothing!

The benefit of loyalty and repeat business at is extremely slashed pricing on valued added services.  We look forward to proofing and printing your business cards today.

This service operates out of our sister company in Toronto, so expect 5-10 business days to see completion of the order.  Be ready for a new year with cards to hand out and spread your word.

Western Signage Dealer

Global Signs has been acting as a remote dealer for Western University for several decades now–and we pride ourselves in being the first and best solution for on-campus consultation and quick and effective signage solutions.

WESTERN DEALERWe have served a variety of departments over the years, from main campus to King’s College and Huron College.

We have provided tradeshow displays, poster boards, calendar walls, directory signs, wayfinder signs (indoor and out), business cards, design services, bannerstand units, banners, billboards, 3D lettering signage, entrance signage, vehicle decals, garage door decals and much more.

All Western University associated customers receive automatic discounts across the board on all of our services.

When contacting us, please simply alert us to the face that you are on campus and we will flag your order in the appropriate channels.


Fall Fair Banners & Table Throws

If you live in London, Ontario, you likely have visited the Western Fair Grounds at one time or another, when you have walked past the many different vendors pedaling their wares or spreading news of their cause.

Otherwise, perhaps you have ventured out through Ribfest or Sunfest at Victoria Park in the summers and seen the same.

Have you ever wondered where they get those banners and table throws?

BABY AND EVENT 002-1Look no further than to help you out in a pinch regarding your festival and fair displays.

We offer all manner of bannerstands, banner hangs, satin table throws and the like that will help you to get your message across and make a good impression on the passerby.

There are many factors to consider for grabbing attention fast and keeping it.

You want to employ as few words as possible, as especially in today’s modern age, people’s focus spans are short.

You want to have a bright, catchy logo that sums up your business–and have as many hi res pictures incorporated into your layout as possible.

We recently did a 2 ft by 12 ft double sided hem and rope banner for the Canadian Forces, a long with a bannerstand for them.

These are the standard baseline media you need to consider–then you may build up your advertising arsenal from there.

How about a podium?  Perhaps some table-top displays.  Do you have cards and brochures yet?  We supply those as well.

We are here to round out your branding portfolio at economic rates with professional execution.  Talk to us today:

Arena / Rink Banners

We fabricate arena banners, incorporating pole pockets into a top and bottom hem, in order to be hung by rods and easily interchangeable.  Currently we supply Ilderton and Komoka arenas with this type of design.  These arenas sell advertising to local clients who then come to us for layouts and production.  The arena then picks up the banner once completed and installs it for the customer.

bannerTypically with arena banners, since viewers may be reading from clear across the facility, you want to ensure that your copy is as large a possible.  Generally 5 inch letters should be an absolute minimum.  Graphics should also be maximized for high contrast and vibrant or memorable impressions.  If you have a website that contains all of your contact information, consider only displaying that website alone.  People cannot retain too much info in a short time span, so your goal is to have a catchy message that will linger in their minds.

Rink banners are an effective way to utilize your arena’s wall space, provide a venue for local advertisers to reach their immediate target audience more efficiently–and bring in some extra revenue for the facility.  Please contact us today to discuss discount rates for exclusive banner production at your rink.  We also will quote on rink board advertising and other modes of media in a package deal.





New Year, New Truck … New Truck Lettering!

Truck LetteringWhether you are trading in your vehicle or purchasing a new one outright for your fleet, be sure to employ the best for suiting it up with new lettering and logo decals.

We offer turnaround service and very competitive quality, speed and rates.

If you simply want vinyl cut lettering along the sides and rear, or something more sophisticated with full color graphics and the like, we are here to serve your needs.  Simply e-mail us at to begin the process of quote, design and installation.

We will need proper measurements from your vehicle in order to prepare the graphics in advance, so if you are in the Hyde Park neighbourhood, feel free to stop in so we can determine the appropriate sizing for your lettering and turn back a quote to you the next day.

Then it is simply a matter of fine-tuning the layout until we have your vehicle branding looking the way you want it.  Once that has been accomplished, then we can set up a day and time, dependent upon the weather, in order to finalize your fresh fleet flourishes.

We may choose to laminate your decals with UV protectant for longevity, add trim and striping–and many other details which will be outlined for you in your options package.

We letter and decal vehicles of all sizes, from car to truck to cargo van and long haul.

If you cannot make it in to our shop for initial measurements, feel free to send us pictures and general measurements via e-mail in order to obtain a preliminary estimate to determine if we will be meeting your budget and an installation is likely to be green-lighted.

Truck lettering is the fastest most effective means of gaining new business as it generates millions of customer impressions every year simply by sitting and driving in traffic or leaving your vehicle parked in a high visibility location outside your business.

The passive advertising that is also mobile is unmatched in its ability to push your business to the next level at the most affordable cost possible.

Heritage Frame Signs


These classy vinyl clad sign frames employ two sleeves with caps that slide down over 4’x4′ posts, standing 8′ off the ground.

The face may be 1 or 2 sided depending on positioning.

These signs are permanent so heavy duty substrates are employed.

Locates must be appropriated, then our installer will erect your new storefront commercial or private Heritage Sign.

There are a few different options of color and the caps that adorn the posts.

If you look around town you will see these signs are used everywhere from churches, to schools to businesses and beyond.

If you are looking for an ultra sophisticated look at economical pricing, please consult us today to begin designing your beautiful new Heritage sign.

A-Frame Sandwich Boards


Every storefront needs some portable display to set out day by day or leave out, as needed.  Two foot by three foot is the maximum size allowed for London, Ontario businesses, but you may get away with bigger sizes in more remote areas, set back on your property a distance–perhaps chained to a post for the day or weekend, so the City does not steal your signage.

These signs need as few words as possible, with as much bright, colorful, eye-catching imagery you can muster to stop traffic and swing your clientele in to visit you.  Perhaps they drive by your place everyday, always needed your product–but never knew you handled it.  Perhaps they have been trying to find you for months, but kept going in circles until they say you setting that board out.  However you slice it, setting out an A-frame will improve business.

Our standard frames are made of powder coated steel, with two sides for inserts.  You may opt for the second side depending on your budget or skip it if your board is always going to be facing the road, not facing both ways.  If your logos are suitable for printing and you just need us to do the layouts for you, a typical 2 sided sandwich board would cost $250 + tax, depending on how many proofs are required.  Discount quantities apply above one unit.

If you wish the frame to last your lifetime and never rust–or you plan on setting it in a high moisture environment–then you may opt for stainless steel frames which cost more but will endure.  These frames also come with clear protective covers on either side, to further lengthen longevity.

If you still do not have an A-frame for your business, please consult us today so we can get this advertising method jump started:

Car & Truck Vinyl Wraps


Vehicle wraps around the world garner billions of impressions from people in traffic and on the street every year.

A car or truck graphic grabs attention fast and becomes your company’s personal traveling billboard.  Then when you leave it parked in front of your shop, it continues to advertize, without the need for bylaw permits and the like.

Without wrapping your fleet, you will be hamstrung to get a roll on the vehicular billboard business.  You would be better off allowing a non-competitor to advertize their own ware on your fleet, for a monthly fee, rather than doing nothing with your wheels at all.

But of course the best thing for your business will be to immediately begin designing your wrap and getting it under production at your preferred print and install shop.

There are economical and expensive approaches to getting graphics splashed on your fleet, which range not just from lesser to greater square foot coverage, but also from the type of vinyl used–and whether or not you have your own designer.

Generally, here at Global Signs, we would prefer to see you maximize the space on your vehicle, so we will go to every length to ensure your wrap meets your budget, but remains impactful and does not sacrifice strength for saving a few bucks.  Imagine going to the ballet without a tux on.  That is how you appear everyday you drive about town without your brand emblazoned big.

We can also keep the cost down by not laminating the vinyl or using 2mil in more strips than broad strokes.  If you have designs please email them to for inspection or  you may upload them to our site.  We accept most files from .pdf, .ai, .tiff, .jpeg, .cdr and more.

Think about what you want people to know first about your business and keep it down to very few words.  Remember, your customers only have a few seconds as they zip by you in traffic to see and later recall your brand, unless they are sitting behind you at a red light.  Keep your most lengthy info on the back of your car for this reason, so they may check your website from their phone as they sit there and perhaps even call you directly to order a new product.

Wraps should have big photos or colorful graphics that are writ large and bleed off the contours and sides of the vehicle.  Names and numbers will be kept to the center or well away from the edges, either added after as cut vinyl or included in the original print.

If you need our design services or would like to see a quick mock-up of some creatives before making your decision, please contact us and we will accommodate.  Ideally, send us pictures of your vehicle with some rough measurements or at least provide us with the make and year of each in your fleet you would like quotes on.

From design to production to installation, timelines can be met, whether tight or open-ended.  The quicker the service the cost goes up a bit, however, so if you plan well in advance, giving us time to prepare, then that will save you some money as well.  But in the end, just remember, that it is signs and particularly autowraps that pay you back in the end through the rich returns of customer markets properly capitalized upon.


Sticker Printing


Global Signs offers sticker printing of all variety, color, quantity, shape and sizes. Get your decals done with us and enjoy the benefit of high quality Mutoh prints with low cost affordability and design assistance if you require it.

Some customers have their logo file already but would like to add some text or tweak a certain aspect of that design and we are quick to meet these needs. Simply send our graphic designer the file and it will be returned to you for proofing with the changes.

Stickers can be printed on all manner of different vinyls, from removable, laminated, to perforated, to air release, matte or glossy and more. Let us know what your application is and we will be glad to inform you of the price and best vinyl for the job at hand.

Some use stickers as bumper stickers, car decals–or bedroom wall adornment. Some use stickers to add a splash to their otherwise drab interchangeable letter mobile sign–while others use stickers to update their billboards with new information.

Some use stickers to spruce up old model cars–while others use them to hand out as a merchandising gimmick. We can do high-run orders of sticker prints, contour cut out to the exact shape of decal you are after–leaving you merely to peel and apply.

Stickers can be solid colors or full color gradients–whichever you prefer. Stickers and large decals come as usual with a wax backing to protect the sticky layer before application. If you opt for the air release vinyl, you will have any easier time applying the sticker without leaving bubbles behind. If you pick the removable vinyl, it will be a bit easier to remove down the road.

When applying the stickers, if they are small you can get away with dry mounting them–but the larger decals, even the ones with air release channels, may require some soapy water for application just to ensure you get a smooth flat lay without any bubbles.

If you need someone to design your stickers for you, please contact us ( and we will return your inquiry promptly. We love printing stickers for all your needs and look forward to meeting you and producing decals for you soon.

Billboard Decals


Whether you are looking to reface your entire existing billboard with a giant decal or just update some information on it with a smaller sticker, we can accommodate your needs.

You can either choose to install the decal yourself or have us do it for you.

The best way to move forward with acquiring your new sticker is to send us a picture of the billboard with the dimensions of the addition you are looking into getting printed.

We will send you a proof of what it would look like and a quote for the print.

Billboards are an excellent means of garnering attention to your business, but wording should be kept to a minimum as drivers have only a few seconds to remember what they are seeing. Pictures and photos are also a good way of making an impression quickly that will stick in the person’s mind. Send us any high resolution photos or logo files that you have if you wish to incorporate imagery into your sticker.

Our decals come printed on digital air release vinyl for easier application. The channels of air embedded in the print allow for you to reposition the sticker before finally firmly pressing it down, especially if you use a little soapy water to aid the process. Clean the surface of the billboard and then spray the face where you are making the addition with clean water. Next, unroll the giant sticker face down on the board. Next, peel away the wax backing and spray the exposed sticky side with soapy water. Finally, with the help of a few extra hands, flip the sticker over and position it how you want it. Finally, use a hard edge wrapped with paper towel to push the decal down into place permanently. Swipe from the center out, up and down and side to side, then finally pushing out all the remaining soapy water in consecutive, overlapping swipes until the image is secured. Now you have your refaced billboard complete.

You may email us your files at or upload them to our homepage. There is an upload function on the right hand side. Simply click on the global and arrow that say upload then select your files. Finally email us to confirm we have received it.